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Tiny Town is Lancaster's most unique indoor playplace for children and families. Check out our 11 luxury playhouses below! 



The Salon at Tiny Town

Jack and Jill's Salon

Our beauty boutique is as precious as they come. Complete with salon chairs, wigs, and all the equipment to get done up, this adorable playhouse makes a great place for dress-up and make-believe!

Affectionately named after grandpa Jack who was a barber in the 1950s!

Kellyn's Cafe at Tiny Town

Kellyn's Café

So many roles to play! Be the customer placing an order, the waiter/waitress taking their order, the chef flipping the burgers, or the cashier in charge of the money? Our cafe is bound to provide hours of laughter and fun for all.

Affectionately named after my niece Kellyn!

Foster's Fire House at Tiny Town

Foster's Fire Station

Every town needs a firehouse! Who doesn’t love ringing the bell and rushing out to douse the blazing inferno? Our station provides everything for a successful adventure: a fire bell, call box, hose, reel, fireman’s pole, and hydrant. 

Affectionately named after my son Foster!

Brent's Garage at Tiny Town

Uncle Brent's Garage

From pumping gas at the pump to checking beneath the car on the lift, this playhouse brings out the mechanic in all of us. Grab your jumpsuit, pry bar, and wrench and get ready to get greasy! 

Affectionately named after my brother who passed away from Ewings Sarcoma in 2010. He LOVED cars and working on them. 

Castle at Tiny Town

The Castle

Become a knight, a princess or even a dragon and reign over town in our tall tower! Custom designed by yours truly, the castle includes a spiral staircase, a bridge, and a slide! 

Bailey's Market at Tiny Town

Bailey's Market

Your little entrepreneur will be the big cheese in our market. It features large display windows, tons of food items, an outdoor produce stand, and working scanners and registers for kids to get the full experience!

Affectionately named after my niece Bailey.

Grandma's House at Tiny Town

Grandma's House

This sweet estate will entertain its wee occupants for hours! With a play kitchen, furniture and doll babies to rock, children can use their full imagination in grandma's house.

Affectionately named after the woman who helped me open this dream of Tiny Town - my mom! 

Hospital at Tiny Town

Ruby's Hospital

Our hospital is the ideal place for quick check-ups or emergency visits — either human OR furry! Equipped with eye and skeletal charts and its very own defibrillator, aspiring young docs can make the right diagnosis! 

Affectionately named after my daughter Ruby!

Carter's Post Office at Tiny Town

Carter's Post Office

Who doesn’t love getting mail? Children can role play mailing their letters at our Post Office with our interactive mailbox, sorting it in our old-fashioned letter cabinet, and delivering it.

Affectionately named after my nephew Carter. 

Stage at Tiny Town

The TT Stage

Every kid wants to put on a show, and at Tiny Town, they can put on a tiny one! With costumes galore, kids can explore MORE than just town, they can blast to space, pilot a plane, or visit Kansas with our unique assortment of costumes AND a little imagination.

Lindy's Library at Tiny Town

Lindy Lou's Library

Explore a new world inside Lindy’s Library. With floor to ceiling books, kids can choose from over one hundred classic books to read and expand their imagination.

Affectionately named after my daughter Lindy. You will also see Everett's "law firm" listed on the front of the Library. In honor of my son, Everett who was stillborn at 37 weeks. He changed our world and we love him for that.