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Kids Night Out

Did you know that we offer childcare EVERY SINGLE First Friday of the month? Tiny Town offers a great opportunity for you to take a break by hosting Kids Night Out (KNO)! Enjoy a night out (or in?) while your children come and experience life in Tiny Town! Closed to the public, we will offer our town exclusively to KNO families! Potty trained 3 and older children only. 

The Tiny Town Difference
We know there are MANY options for childcare in our community. What makes us different? We are all MOMS, we don’t use media to entertain, and we actively engage with the children, making sure they are safe and comfortable and having fun. This is not just one of those throw 100 kids in a room and sit on our phones in the corner. 

$35 per child
Every First Friday, 5:30-8:30pm
Includes: Pizza, snack & drink, a fun craft, games, and, of course, playtime in our town!
Recommended ages 3-10 but we are flexible based on your child’s needs.

Registration and Payment is twofold. 

Purchase Your Kids Spot and Register Now

Upon purchase, don’t forget to register your child(ren) so we have all of your family details.

*KNO is for potty trained 3 and older children only.
Tiny Town’s Kids Night Out Traffic Light System

In order to ensure everyone has a safe and positive experience at Tiny Town’s Kids Night Out, we utilize a Traffic Light behavior monitoring and management system. This visual queue-based protocol using Green Light/Yellow Light/Red Light buttons allows us to review Tiny Town’s rules and set expectations of everyone’s behavior at the beginning of the evening with simple instructions about how to stay on green light the whole night. 

Kids Night Out children typically range from 3 years old to 8 years old. Our goal is to ensure children of all ages are playing safely, so everyone remains safe while having a good time.

Green Light Behavior – Following Tiny Town instructions, sharing hands, walking feet, playing safely
Yellow Light Behavior – Running when asked to slow down by a Tiny Town leader, playing recklessly, not listening to instructions, unkind words or actions that hurt someone’s feelings
Red Light Behavior – Hitting or hurting another child, throwing toys, unsafe behavior

Thank you for supporting our system to ensure everyone has a fun and safe Kids Night Out!