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Session Play Hours:

  • We offer both 3 hour play sessions and full day play options. Choose a 3 hour session or all day play.
    • Monday-Saturday 9am to 4pm Choose from 9-12, 10-1, 11-2, 12-3, 1-4pm. 
    • ​Sunday: Closed for private parties

Buy Play Session Tickets


Enjoy 3 hours of fun or ALL day play. 

  • ​Free for children 12 months and under
  • 3 Hour Play Session $15 for all ages 13 months+
  • All Day Play $24.99


We recommend Tiny Town for any child who loves to pretend play. Developmentally, we typically see that in ages 7 and under. BUT, we do see many many kids come in that are older and still love to pretend play (ride that train as long as you can, am I right?) and we allow kids of all ages to play as long as they are being respectful of the toddler crowd.


All children must have a signed waiver on file to play in our town. To save time at the door, please complete our waiver before you come. Complete your Waiver by creating an account for yourself as the guardian, add the child(ren) as participants, and then sign the waiver. We do not sell any information to anyone.

Complete our Waiver


Free parking is provided at our Tiny Town location. We have multiple accessible parking spots and lot and street parking. Although we’d like to offer 100 convenient parking spaces, it is city parking and we do not have that much ample space. We also recommend, just like any other location in the world, that you do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle.


We want ANY and ALL children and their caregivers to enjoy our town — no matter the ability. We have aimed to create a safe and fun place for all. All playhouses have wide open doors, and we have moved many accessories lower for easier access for all. We are nut aware and encourage all families to leave the peanut products at home. And families with a TSS — we want you to come too! Have your TSS show their ID at the desk and they can get in free with your child’s paid admission. If you have more recommendations — let us know how we can make your stay at Tiny Town more comfortable.

Snacks + Coffee Bar

We offer a variety of pre-packaged snacks for both adults and children. We also have a variety of hot drinks available for purchase.

Food and Beverage

Our guests are welcome to bring in food and beverages. We strive to make our space safe for all. We ask that for the safety of all our visitors, please refrain from bringing in any peanut-related food items.  Celebratory foods are not allowed into Tiny Town without booking a party room. Examples include cakes and cupcakes — to celebrate.

Feeding your baby

Caregivers are welcome to feed their baby whenever and wherever they feel comfortable at Tiny Town. If you need to mix some formula, we have water; if you want to nurse without a cover, go for it; if you have to wrangle an NG tube — do what you gotta do (we’ve been there). If you need privacy, we have a comfortable designated space in the restroom; but by all means, please, just feed your kid and don’t stress!


Tiny Town is a tobacco-free environment. Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or any tobacco related product is strictly prohibited on or around our property. Thank you for keeping our children safe.

First Aid

Please ask any staff member if you need first aid assistance.


We do not allow “walk-in parties”. No unreserved parties or other celebrations are allowed in our facility including cake, candles, cupcakes, gifts, balloons, or goody bags. All parties must be celebrated in a reserved party room.