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Tiny Town Trademark

Tiny Town is a local, family owned business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Tiny Town is Federally trademarked across all 50 states.

Our Trademark is designed to make sure that other people can’t take advantage of our ideas and our hard work. We built a beautiful indoor playplace with many unique ideas to set us apart from many other playplaces. From the tiniest detail to the best event in town – our intellectual property is sacred to us.

If you take our ideas and use them as yours, that is called stealing. Trademark infringements can be more than just stealing our name. It can also include: stealing our ideas, concepts, wording, party packages, custom party decor, special events, theme concepts, and more. 

Don’t be a jerk.

We take stealing very seriously, and we will pursue all legal aspects at our disposal.

We LOVE family owned businesses and support all of you entrepreneurs that fight hard for your own business ideas and concepts. More power to you!

We don’t see stealing as a compliment and we will protect our brand and our concept like a mama bear.